There Is a ‘Kid’ In Everyone: Prosetry


Me a kid to have enjoyed this. There is a ‘kid’ in everyone. But now all we have is Forgotten dreams. You play a son, a father, a husband Shielding and protecting your family from the world You conquered your fears and braved all odds You are meant to fly higher Higher than even what … Read more

Little Joy & Little Sorrow

By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai The Little Girl Sorrow. The Little Boy Joy. Born from the womb Of Mother Nature. Residing in her heart Each incomplete without the other. To experience the pleasure of being with Little Joy One must meet Little Sorrow first. Absence of Little Joy is the reason Little Sorrow wastes into another … Read more

Little Boy Joy


  By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai I left sorrow and trekked on. I met a little boy His name was Joy. In the village ahead, where he lived Dreams and Happiness ruled the world. Content and Bliss planted the fragrant flowers With Nature as their mother. Love was the flavour they sprinkled On the food, they … Read more

Memories: Treasures of A Lifetime


The stretched rays of the sun in all its brilliance At dawn or at dusk. Memories of the first kiss sealed with Eternal bond of pain and pleasure. Bygone yesterdays; Swallowed by the tales Of misery, laughter and the mysteries. Some told some untold. Some fractured truths, some beautiful lies, And so many wistful memories; … Read more

Love, Passion And The Lovers

Love, Passion And The Lovers

Brown eyes; passion-infused One fiery glance, Glowing embers Sparks of passion Scorched in pleasure; body temperatures soaring, I caught fire. * My insatiable love and passion, Scorching hot kisses; tongues intertwined, Embers light up, Feeding my flames, Unwaveringly; devouring With much ardour, passion escalates and soars. * Your rough hands, everywhere. My world, and me, … Read more