Amidst The Sands of Time

Amidst The Sands of Time

Amidst The Sands of Time Poised like an ocean; deep and infinite, Sometimes calm, at times tempestuous. But with whatever happens on the surface, I do have a serious qualm. Ripples and waves that arise and subside, Are all signs that there’s life existing down inside. My mere existence; Encompassing the land, Clouds and atmosphere … Read more

Recharge Your Weathered Soul

Recharge Your Weathered Soul

Recharge Your Weathered Soul Frenzy, bustle, and buzz… Recharged; waking up early, making breakfast. Making lunches; Fighting the stains; Folding the laundry, Sweeping, and mopping, Making beds; scaring monsters away. Bedtime stories; midnight snuggles. ***** Peaceful rest and quiet sleep, Replaced by frenzied stress; no relief. Rushing here and rushing there, Always rushing; “doing things.” … Read more

Walking With the Moon

Walking With the Moon Breeze whispering in my ears. Puddles on the ground, Reflecting the heavens and the moon above. Potholes brimming with rainwater, Teasing; a perfect invitation for splashing around. *** A cool starless misty night. The streetlights seem ghostly, Through a misty haze. Rushing of wings; hooting owls, and, Mist doesn’t enslave my … Read more

A Tune So Grand

A Tune So Grand The muffled sound of your baby breathing. Voice of your parents on the phone. Sharing thoughts with your beloved, Or screaming of kids as they play Is a tune so grand. *** In the midst of silence; at nightfall, The sky turns into a sheet of grey. Thunder, lightning and droplets … Read more

Once Again, I Crave…

Once Again

Once Again, I Crave… I crave… To dance and jump in the puddles When the rain beings to pour Feeling the soul of the rains; Once again; Like a six-year-old… **** I crave… To rest my head On your chest Pure ecstasy. Pure emotion. To hear you; feel your touch and heartbeats Like gentle flutters, … Read more

Raindrops: Kisses From Heaven

Raindrops Kisses From Heaven

Raindrops: Kisses From Heaven Raindrop; tiny droplets Kiss My cheeks From heavens As they fall. Parched soil Heave  A sigh of relief From heavens As they fall. Peacocks scream And dance While clouds thunder From heavens As they fall. Pitter-patter It crashes down In awe, I surrender; soaking, From heavens As they fall. A Note … Read more