Acceptance Series


Acceptance Series (1/8) People will find their way Into your life But not everyone stays Accept that now. Acceptance Series (2/8) You may prioritise someone In your life But you are not theirs Accept that now. Acceptance Series(3/8) Life is not a blur It’s a whirl You’re spinning and can’t stop it. Accept that now. … Read more


Twilight As the blazing sun is laid to rest, And the twilight draws near, The once warm air turns cold and still, It’s a perfect time to light a bonfire With friends to sit around Sporting welcoming smiles. Long drawn out shadows gently fade, As dimming skies let stars appear The birds gradually fall silent … Read more

Facing Reality

Facing Reality

Facing Reality Meeting you was fate, Destiny, chance whatever Thinking of you is inevitable. I fell in love with the idea of you. Expecting anything from you Is an unrealistic idea. Hesitantly at first but Now I realise it. Thus, to safeguard The fictional relationship I once thought we shared. To avoid My mind from teaming up … Read more