A Dream That Was Reality: Prosetry


 Huge spacious rooms A long corridor separating The rooms and the living room. Flowing curtains that danced with the breeze Numerous doors with ventilators above Both sans grills. A sprawling garden. A driveway. A parked car. Open doors that I keep locking but mysteriously open again and again. Equally huge backyard with Servant quarters and … Read more

Living in A State Of Denial: “Prosetry”

State Of Denial

Living in A State Of Denial: “Prosetry” I accept that the truth hurts But what hurts more Is living in a state of denial. Afraid of facing the truth. Overwhelmed by our dysfunctional world We constantly practice denial Ignoring reality Idealising the non-existent Taking refuge in nostalgia We refuse to let it go. Choking on … Read more

Let The Magic Work

Let The Magic Work Rays of light Peering down from The cusp of heaven A heavenly touch of sunshine Piercing through the cloudy sky Slipping through the golden gates, As if blessing me in my Moments of personal glory, As my dreams become reality.   Looking back I feel So easy, was the idea of … Read more

Reality or A Magnificent Dream


Reality or A Magnificent Dream Far away from here Across the land, The sea and the sky, Where enchanting rainbows Are not so infrequent A call from the soul, Forestalls my return From the forbidden world. * Lulled by the music of the enchanted song. Calming me. Warming me. Engulfing me. Just as fire dissipates … Read more