In A World of Facts and Truths


A wordsmith; an illusionist, And an imperfect person. Filled with hopes, dreams and optimism. A dreamer I am; seeking the audience of the stars. A romantic soul; with a million scars Carved on walls of my heart. * Forever rebelling against Confines of conformity; Constrictions; Hypocrisy; lack of freedom, Uniform code and insane rules, That … Read more

An Emptiness That Doesn’t Ever Go Away


Each time we talk I can hear the love in your voice Hiding behind your feelings And keeping the truth locked away, But there is so much said In the things that you don’t openly say. The distance fate put between us Is nothing but a test of patience. For real love doesn’t ever go … Read more

Escape From a Chaotic World

So many overwhelming thoughts; Ricocheting off my mind. Huddled in my duvet, Dwelling on what to write, Again, I begin to ponder. As my mind spins with chaotic speed. In comparison to mind and thoughts within, Hearts are wild creatures Buried deep in cages of our ribs. The mess it creates is so familiar. * … Read more

A Seemingly Endless Wait

Pacing to the front door and back Only to peek out of my door To check the streets again minutes later. Looking through the window And watching the street outside. I check for every person that passes Before stalking back into my room. * I welcome distractions and doorbells That sends me running to the … Read more

Love, Passion And The Lovers

Love, Passion And The Lovers

Brown eyes; passion-infused One fiery glance, Glowing embers Sparks of passion Scorched in pleasure; body temperatures soaring, I caught fire. * My insatiable love and passion, Scorching hot kisses; tongues intertwined, Embers light up, Feeding my flames, Unwaveringly; devouring With much ardour, passion escalates and soars. * Your rough hands, everywhere. My world, and me, … Read more

Flickering, Burning Inflammable Thoughts


Flickering. Crackling. Burning. So powerful yet twisting, Sensuously; incitingly. Flickering coyly; Swayin’; her radiance reflected outside She grows and burns strong. Ignited; with enough power, To burn everything in her path. Fueled by love, hate, passion. She’ll grow and flourish. Her movements; as she sways Burns with passion. The air and silence sign a silent … Read more

Feel It, You’re Alive

Some days you’ll feel like giving up, Or wish you could hide away and never return, On days when the shadows are overwhelming you, When ominous clouds block any glimpse of sunlight, On days when nothing feels right, Get up. Breathe. Breathe again…and breathe deep Feel it. You’re alive… * On days when you are … Read more

Trapped In a Sea Of Hatred

Nuclear warheads; Terror of trenches; The futility of war. Brutality; suffering. Destruction and sadness. Blood flowing, eyes eschew. * As I glance along the path the world travels, It seems so narrow now, But at the time it seemed the only way. I realize; Despite our desires, We are living our lives on the edge, … Read more