An Elegant Woman Is Forever Ageless


Alluring. Controlling. Compelling. Powerful; yet sophisticated, An elegant woman doesn’t take life for granted. Gratitude and appreciation her forte, Sometimes imperfect she may seem; At ease with herself and her flaws, She focuses on all that is good and right in her life. ***** A sparkle in her eye and a zest in her step, … Read more

Caress of Blissful Divinity


Separated; like the night sky from the day, Caress; the soft embrace of love, pulling at their heartstrings, A desire of a union meant to be withheld. Love tearing them apart with a cruel and swift hand. The world split in half, And on each end were lovers… The sun and the moon *** The Moon; … Read more

A Shattered Dream

Trembling and bewildered, Standing bravely in the middle of a crisis, Heart remaining the same as it is, She acts… Her woes, Obviously masked. *** Those blank expressions, Her scars she’s hidden after the incident. No one knows, She’s dying inside. No one knows, How much is weighing down on her shoulders. *** I could … Read more

Never Beyond My Reach


Distances don’t matter There’s always a way To reach the people You love. Words are not needed Your eyes are enough To reach; to communicate Your love. Pride Has nothing to do with love Reach out to your loved one Before it’s too late. Heart pounding wildly Living my dreams With arms outstretched Reaching for … Read more

Papa: My Resilient Man (dedicated to my father)

The driving force, A significant influence, Responsible, caring, Yet strict at times, Allowing me to grow, And expand my horizons, Papa, you simply dazzle. ***** Not only mathematics or social studies, But, every aspect of my life, Be it music or dance, Compassion, tolerance, charity or benevolence, A doorway to an infinite realm of knowledge, These valuable lessons of … Read more

Learn To Count Your Blessings

Learn To Count Your Blessings

Learn To Count Your Blessings Getting up to morning chorus of birds, Enjoying a sunny afternoon. Escaping the world through sound sleep, With no nightmares to bother. Sleeping comfortably, Cuddled amongst the sheets. Rather than lay solitary, On a cold stone floor in a bunker. Nonstop water in your taps, The carpet beneath your shoes. … Read more

The Winds of Change

The little Angel Who clutched your forefinger While crossing the road Now goes grocery shopping On her own. Your adorable little monkey Whose voice was once Soft and musical Has now a deep resonance A rich baritone. A mute spectator Like a lone wolf sniffing the air I can feel it in my bones… The … Read more

Caught Within the Winds

Caught Within the Winds

Like a chorus of angels singing Putting the separation to an end Finally, the summer arrives… Never ever did I wait for summer to come Like now I do, for You, my migratory birds To come home… As your train arrives at the station You, remind me of a bird fleeing the branch Yet always … Read more