True Blue

True Blue

True Blue Blue is the sky on hot summer days Blue is the ink in my pen That’s bleeding poetry on the paper Blue are my lenses that I love to donne Blue are the shirts that my father wears Blue is the bruise that I often wince at Blue is the wave of the … Read more

Glistening Sands of Time

Sands of Time

Glistening Sands of Time Stopping for none Time; Ticks by tirelessly. Sometimes lost within A sleepless night It sheds its cloak At the first rays of Sunrise. Untamed;  Slipping through it fingers Ultimately, It wanders away. * Wearing off every day Finally Leaving a frail reminder As wrinkles and scars. Venerable and impartial Yet nine … Read more

Childhood Calling

Getting caught in troubles during childhood, Hopscotching. Skipping. Jumping. Falling. I would jump and skate, Being a daredevil, Always getting bruises and scars, But that didn’t stop me from going bizarre. *** I wish today, I could behave like I did as a kid. To be out in the sea, Soaking up the sun and … Read more