A Laughter Lost In an Echo (for my son)

an Echo

See this house… The house is empty. I am sitting by the phone Marking the hours as they go by Slowly… A searching gaze Waits and watches out for secrets Hidden from sight No voice answers my call,  And mute shadows seem to stare back at me From the roofs and the walls. The hum … Read more

Forgotten Tales and Tailored Smiles


All the while eating the soul away Destroying it from the inside To the out; ripping it apart, Filling you with dread and despair. Secrets of heart grow Heavier day by day While we learn to walk about With a tailored smile on our face. Thoughts, plans, regrets, Sometimes even wishes Not all secrets can … Read more

Blurry Reflection of Truth

Blurry Reflection of Truth

Blurry Reflection of Truth In an unexpected time zone Somewhere in the infinite, I stand here straddling, The known and the unknown, There’s not a single sound. Only a Blurry mind; And lingering thoughts Waiting for an unimaginable surprise. Blurry pictures Of life lived; though chaotic, But truly beautiful. Blurry moments Of your lips entwined … Read more