The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again

The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again

The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again Deafening Reckoning Confusing Heartbreaking The sounds of silence Has weird ways Of making itself heard. A few tears Pain; that is Impossible to explain Ego; An unyielding foe Skates across reality and Sounds of silence speak again. Fears mock me when I’m scared Rhythmic sound of breaths Reassuring that I’m … Read more

The Calling of My Inner Voice

The Calling

The Calling of My Inner Voice Colourful butterflies fluttering around. As the chilly breeze begins to blow Sun’s cheerful warm rays Calms the brazen chill and Returns a smile to awaken the senses Diluting the shades of grey in our lives. * Leaving my troubled day behind me I close my eyes to vision peacefulness Enjoying … Read more

A Faerie Song

A Faerie Song

A Faerie Song Picturesque hills;Rolling green;Gliding hawks; mountain mist;Whispering winds flirted with me,And, frolicked on snow-spattered peaks * Beneath me lay the city in all its glory.The canvas brilliantly flecked by,Cabin like house adorning the hillsides,Sloped fields spread out like a terraceNever can I forget this view from atop the hill’s crest. * Rising whirls … Read more

Walking Towards Hope


Walking Towards Hope Your sweet memories Folding me tenderly Entrapped in you. While tranquil melodies play in my mind Subduing my fears Our relationship is not Based on lightheartedness. Losing track of time Just waiting to be discovered. We thrive in a place Where laughter floats on the wind Where two people can learn to … Read more

The Last Candle

The Last Candle

The Last Candle You light up my darkness With your luminescent soul. As you melt away My dreams get the illumination just right. I see you there burning, Incandescently; as you weep silently. For a moment for an eternity, I watch you bleed wax and white smoke. With nothing but darkness up and round The … Read more

A Cigarette Half Finished

A Cigarette Half Finished You had come over To resolve a fight before you left We all sat together once again Chatting and laughing Till you asked me to prepare a pizza for you. You just loved it the way I baked it Grudging that I’ll miss all the fun But happy that we were … Read more

I Waited Till the Waiting’s Done


I Waited Till the Waiting’s Done Living the dream I wanted to dream Within a dream; riding the clouds; Realising, I can’t change the things you do, Sitting. Watching. Waiting. Reminiscing everything; There’s a cold in me now, that can’t be warmed. My heart is bruised. Shards of my heart lay scattered on the floor … Read more