The Wet Blanket


Rain clouds looming over town Soft breeze of the evening Dusty twilight; evening chorus, Birds; chattering and tweeting Peacocks screaming Clouds; growling and cracking Shaking with massive basso-profundo effect Inviting the Crimson Sun to rest People walking along silently Lost in thoughts, now hurriedly scuttle past As the falling droplets set my soul free And … Read more

Bleeding Hearts


Bleeding Hearts Bleeding; Weeping silently, As she lay on the ground dying Revealing little She smiled at him As she whispered, With an unmistakable tremor In her frail voice, “I have always loved only you.” Later standing by her grave Consequently bitter with himself He knew she spoke the truth. SharePinShareTweet0 Shares

The Chosen One; Moments and Memories


The Chosen One; Moments and Memories Those tender days, When we were curled up Together, inseparable Have now blown away With the wind, As light as a feather. * It’s been so long but There can never be A replacement For the words, feelings Moments and memories Shared together. * Warmth replaced by the cold … Read more