Times To Heal


A Time To Heal Smoke tingled and, Danced upon his soul. A simple act of breathing Was never so painful Hallucination…? No. he could feel the Pinprick of the goosebumps All over. A manic craving Slowly threatening to take over Intoxicating his senses Feverishly; Clinging to the remnants Of self-control he had He said “NO.” … Read more

Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated There is no room for simple pleasures, In our lives No room for error No chasing after rainbows like a rebel Only outraged emotions When does this madness end? We may never know. ~0~   In this moment now Which we know as ‘today’ From simple and humble We have all come a long … Read more

A Pretty Princess and A Tomboy


  A tilt of her head Smiling; pouting; Inspecting her reflection in the mirror She shone. High school has a charm of its own Slowly but surely Her beauty only maturing Alluring appearance and unparalleled beauty. A mirror and a washroom, Used by all, free and unfettered As they primped and they powdered; flipped their … Read more