Behind The Curtain -Series


A pushy boss; A successful industrialist Behind the curtain, A lonely ghost. Behind The Curtain – Series (1/7) Fixing the lights on the stage Helping with the makeups Behind the curtain A doting father to A paraplegic child. Behind The Curtain – Series (2/7) Saxophone. Audience. Encore. Smoke, lights and special effects. Behind the curtain … Read more

Times To Heal


A Time To Heal Smoke tingled and, Danced upon his soul. A simple act of breathing Was never so painful Hallucination…? No. he could feel the Pinprick of the goosebumps All over. A manic craving Slowly threatening to take over Intoxicating his senses Feverishly; Clinging to the remnants Of self-control he had He said “NO.” … Read more

A Faerie Song

A Faerie Song

Picturesque hills; Rolling green; Gliding hawks; mountain mist; Whispering winds flirted with me, And, frolicked on snow-spattered peaks * Beneath me lay the city in all its glory. The canvas brilliantly flecked by, Cabin like house adorning the hillsides, Sloped fields spread out like a terrace Never can I forget this view from atop the … Read more