Believe and Follow Your Dreams

Believe and Follow Your Dreams So many possibilities. The ability to think So many unthinkable and the wildest dreams. * Unseen are the challenges Let your actions speak. Words to explain will no longer be needed. * Your imagination is your personality. Be amazing; See things in a different perspective. * Moving forward together step … Read more

Back Then and Now

Then and Now

Back Then and Now Enjoyed life. Stayed awake; Past my bedtime To play a little longer. Looked forward to each day, Going to school meeting friends, Bunking classes No matter what the weather, Summer heat or rain We would make the best of it. * Staying back after school. Practising for annual day, sports days … Read more

A Seemingly Endless Wait

Pacing to the front door and back Only to peek out of my door To check the streets again minutes later. Looking through the window And watching the street outside. I check for every person that passes Before stalking back into my room. * I welcome distractions and doorbells That sends me running to the … Read more

A Pretty Princess and A Tomboy


  A tilt of her head Smiling; pouting; Inspecting her reflection in the mirror She shone. High school has a charm of its own Slowly but surely Her beauty only maturing Alluring appearance and unparalleled beauty. A mirror and a washroom, Used by all, free and unfettered As they primped and they powdered; flipped their … Read more

Contrary Yet Complementary

Contrary Yet Complementary

  Difficult. Annoying. Vexing. Tiresome. Trying. Tedious. All that it could be But never for a moment was teaching, Inconvenient. Boring. Uninteresting. Bothersome. Infuriating or maddening experience for me. I always had a problem with my temper. A simple irksome situation could Turn into an explosion of emotion. Tensions; Uncomfortable silence Defiance; bad decisions wrapped … Read more