A Regal Blue and Breathtakingly Bold


By:- rANJEETA nATH gHAI Mysteriously beautiful; I see you parading. Unpredictable; A tad bit capricious Strutting conspicuously Showing off; Flaunting your brilliant Blue-green flawless plumage Of exquisite beauty up for display. * Welcoming the rain Loud and boisterous You prance like enraged dancer Fluttering with enthusiasm Showcasing all your emotions. With pride in your eyes. … Read more

Stylish To Simple

Elegant and stylish; Wrapped up in exquisite garb, Bedecked with jewels and pearls. Naked mink, ermine and cashmere. *** Rugged and handsome, With perennial tan, Distinctive and stylish; gleaming car, A real ladies man. *** Debonair; Stylish men and stylish women, Expensive leather and wanton pearls; Overflowing with grace and confident demeanour *** But for … Read more