An Earthly Paradise

The Watchmaker

A virgin flower Not yet torn apart. Surviving; Being courted by sunshine Yet at the same time Battling against The spendthrift breeze. Murmurings of bees and These fair flowers Has all the makings of An earthly paradise. SharePinShareTweet0 Shares

Fishing in Unknown Waters

Fishing in Unknown Waters

Fishing in Unknown Waters From being a graphic designer To a mentor And then an author. Fishing in unknown waters Today I feel Like a fisherman going out to sea.  * Braving the storms Manoeuvring his boat against the waves. Methodically casting his net. His faith in the lighthouse Is his constant source of strength, … Read more

Escape From a Chaotic World

Escape From a Chaotic World So many overwhelming thoughts; Ricocheting off my mind. Huddled in my duvet, Dwelling on what to write, Again, I begin to ponder. As my mind spins with chaotic speed. In comparison to mind and thoughts within, Hearts are wild creatures Buried deep in cages of our ribs. The mess it … Read more

You Were Born Again

Born Again

You Were Born Again Forget the pain, Forget the sadness. On the street littered with scorn, You glided around with a defiant attitude. And I realised you were born again. * Unpredictable. Unstoppable. An invincible warrior. Standing tall; in utter confidence, Awestruck, I watched as you walked. You were born again. * Wanting nothing more … Read more

Trapped In A Filthy Cage


Trapped In A Filthy Cage Smog filled air; choked lungs. Trash filled land. Dirty streets, And filthy garbage mounds. Burning leaves Choking the bees and the birds. Grey stripped puffy tailed squirrels searching for nuts. Forced to learn to avoid large cars and which roads not to trust. Polluting factories dirtying the water bodies, Threshers … Read more

A Bed Soaked In Perfume


A Bed Soaked In Perfume Pale skin; half-dressed bodies; Side worn glances Hooked on potential customers. It’s almost midnight, No Cinderella fantasy No glass slippers and no prince charming. Time seems to be rushing away So many years, Yet the same old song to sing. No more tears to make her heart sting. * Wasted … Read more