A Cigarette Half Finished

You had come over To resolve a fight before you left We all sat together once again Chatting and laughing Till you asked me to prepare a pizza for you. You just loved it the way I baked it Grudging that I’ll miss all the fun But happy that we were together again I cooked … Read more

Trapped In a Sea Of Hatred

Nuclear warheads; Terror of trenches; The futility of war. Brutality; suffering. Destruction and sadness. Blood flowing, eyes eschew. * As I glance along the path the world travels, It seems so narrow now, But at the time it seemed the only way. I realize; Despite our desires, We are living our lives on the edge, … Read more

To Dig Up Knowledge, You Have To Dig Around

Dig Up Knowledge

Sweating students; Anxious parents; Invigilating teachers Clinking of pencil boxes, Scratching of quills, Rustling of paper, Mindless pouring out of knowledge. *** Students write, scribble and scrawl, In the solemn air of the exam hall; brain dead they are. Diarrhea of all sorts spilling onto papers. Doodling with numbers, And complexities of their vocabulary. Combating … Read more