Handle With Care

Handle With Care

By:- rANJEETA nATH gHAI Glass; Delicate Breakable Frangible and Fragile Handle with care. *** Relationships; Are like a bubble Fuelled by commitment So complicated; So fragile. *** Dreams; Ark of hope; brighten your days Might bleed the heart causing the deepest pain So fragile… It could be blown to pieces. *** Stone; will crumble. Wood; will … Read more

Break Away From the Cacophony

Dead to the core, but moving still, Trying to make a change. Letting go; breaking down to cry; cacophony When adversity strikes. *** Dragging our feet, Watching; waiting to hear the siren’s call. Pushing onward until we find, The answer to this, inside our mind. *** We slog ourselves every day, And attempt to stand … Read more

The Broken Crowns


Living in an age Where being selfish is the norm Broken Crowns; Truth is deemed as a lie And lies are accepted as beliefs. *** Too worried about their own survival Guns and knives our allies None has faith in humanity Or the will to fix it. *** Laws are made to be broken Drugs and … Read more

Another Bullet Flew By

Another Bullet Flew By

Enlisted To serve the country Enthusiasm; zest, Vitality; dynamism, A part of his personality. With no taste for… Ping Zing Diplomacy, An officer is born. ***** Bullets zinging past him, dust flying, Bound together, they fight. Back to back, Brothers from another time. He doesn’t fight, Because he hates what’s in front, But to protect those, … Read more

Temporary Lessons

Temporary Lessons

  Concrete rubble, Scattered beneath my feet. Vacant Streets; On the other side of the road. Into the grove, I see barren homes that once flourished. Now stand abandoned; whilst wind swiftly whispers, Hollowed secrets. *** An old tree stump. Aged beyond measure. Once a towering giant, Viridescent leaved; Today; cut with precision. Incapacitated to no … Read more

Recharge Your Weathered Soul

Recharge Your Weathered Soul

Recharge Your Weathered Soul Frenzy, bustle, and buzz… Recharged; waking up early, making breakfast. Making lunches; Fighting the stains; Folding the laundry, Sweeping, and mopping, Making beds; scaring monsters away. Bedtime stories; midnight snuggles. ***** Peaceful rest and quiet sleep, Replaced by frenzied stress; no relief. Rushing here and rushing there, Always rushing; “doing things.” … Read more

A Woman; Between Pennies and Sandwiches


A mother; a daughter, A daughter in law; a wife, A sister; a girlfriend; a lover, A boss or An employee… You can watch her run  A company Or a kitchen With the bread  Butter, knife or a pen. *** Sandwiched between, Both the worlds Earning pennies; making sandwiches; Sometimes facing, Loneliness and ire, Between two slices, In … Read more

A Twinkle So Dear


It’s been a long time Since I have heard You to be excited about something In words describing the joy It brings to you… It’s been a long time Since you spoke About something with passion That captured your imagination And put a spring in your steps. It’s been a long time Since I caught … Read more

Caress of Blissful Divinity


Separated; like the night sky from the day, Caress; the soft embrace of love, pulling at their heartstrings, A desire of a union meant to be withheld. Love tearing them apart with a cruel and swift hand. The world split in half, And on each end were lovers… The sun and the moon *** The Moon; … Read more

Walking With the Moon

  Breeze whispering in my ears. Puddles on the ground, Reflecting the heavens and the moon above. Potholes brimming with rainwater, Teasing; a perfect invitation for splashing around. *** A cool starless misty night. The streetlights seem ghostly, Through a misty haze. Rushing of wings; hooting owls, and, Mist doesn’t enslave my eyes anymore. *** … Read more