A Tune So Grand

  The muffled sound of your baby breathing. Voice of your parents on the phone. Sharing thoughts with your beloved, Or screaming of kids as they play Is a tune so grand. *** In the midst of silence; at nightfall, The sky turns into a sheet of grey. Thunder, lightning and droplets of rain, Pleasantly … Read more

Vices: Drugs Of My Choice

Indulge; Plunge, Maybe even if for seconds. Explore; and, Come back for more. Vices; entice us; They allure, Often too much to endure. ***** Someone’s vices, Are another’s virtue. forever interchangeable. Ideals are wonderful, If trapped; then a destructive attachment. When to strike a balance, Between virtues and vices? ***** Cigarettes: joints; weed, Booze; black … Read more

Lies: Truths We Wish To Hear


Lies; Broken promises and crushed hopes A different brand of heartbreak Mind rationalizing the malady Sabotaging relationships Unknown depths of dark deceit Stabbing; silently through the chest. *** Cheat; Playing wicked games of mind The truth hidden, a black vacuum Choking the essence of love Chooses to stay on; ignoring, Caging our sanity; paralyzing the … Read more

Fallen Leaves


By:- rANJEETA nATH gHAI The daylight declines, To linger; As the leaves fall, Away with the wind. Whispering together; Before a storm, Naked branches, Now scratched by cold wind. *** From the seed We were conceived, Spring; being our beginning. Each lyrical leaf, Dancing; Gracefully upon the wind. The leaves take counsel; Some linger on while some … Read more

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

A Bittersweet Ache

Mistakes Reminders of failure. Sometimes voluntarily; by design Other accidental; by default; by habit. Trying hard to be perfect. Time goes by, Days turn into weeks, Weeks to months and years. ***** Unable to accept, We are but flawed creatures. Truth be told, There’s no such thing as a mistake. Only lessons learned, Accidents. Mistakes. … Read more

To The Times You Felt Alone


Letting go; Of the last piece Of my past Sowing; The seeds of healing A warm feeling. ***** I laugh because I know I’m rising; Above the dusty-blue sky Reverberating with TRIUMPH Ignoring the feet trying to stamp Me out and blaze. ***** Holding on to my faith Confident it’ll see me through Giving me … Read more

Dwelling On The Unnecessary 

Dwelling on the unnecessary Aren’t we making life complicated? Trying out Every possible option Getting lost In the labyrinth of paths Losing out On the options given by life. Decisions Need not always be right Every experience Teaching us a valuable lesson Mysteries Are nothing but challenges waiting to be solved. Dwelling on the unnecessary … Read more