A Tribute: Happy Birthday Maa


Ponytails to perming. Henna to streaking Periods to childbirth. Approaching thunderstorms To fallen trees A flood of emotions Childhood memories And emotional saturation Threatening to overflow The banks of memories. I had trained myself To hold my breath Coordinating it with yours Listening to your heartbeat As I cuddled up beside you Nestled in the … Read more

Time To Stop


Time To Stop The Blossoms. The Bees. And The Birds. Fast becoming extinct. Trees being replaced By concrete blocks instead Man has had his bounty Now is the time To stop this riot Of man’s avid greed Against Nature. The choice is ours and The final call is Her’s. © All Rights Reserved. ©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  Atrangi Zindagi … Read more

Eerie Shadows


Eerie Shadows Winds wail through the trees And twilight turns to night Creatures of the night Take over the midnight hour Eerie shadows loom Chilling and unnerving Is to the bone! © All Rights Reserved. ©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  Atrangi Zindagi Ka Safar, 2016. Follow my writings on #yourquote From The Admin’s Desk Do you want … Read more