24 Hours, A True Short Story

Short Story

Know your past  Grow in the present  And prepare for the future. That’s what her life As an officer’s wife had taught her. She stood in the kitchen making his favourite food…Sambhar and Dosa, when he entered and headed straight for the bedroom searching for her.  “Madhu..? Where are you he called out,” and then reached the … Read more

Blurry Reflection of Truth

Blurry Reflection of Truth

Blurry Reflection of Truth In an unexpected time zone Somewhere in the infinite, I stand here straddling, The known and the unknown, There’s not a single sound. Only a Blurry mind; And lingering thoughts Waiting for an unimaginable surprise. Blurry pictures Of life lived; though chaotic, But truly beautiful. Blurry moments Of your lips entwined … Read more

Somehow, Someday When The Heavens Open Up


Somehow, Someday When The Heavens Open Up Somedays when the heavens open up Cupping my cup of coffee, I open up my window And watched the rainfall again and again. Rains; as they fall, fill up all the emptiness within. * Somedays there are nights when I wake up And sit wondering Without anything to … Read more

Neither Happy, Nor Sad


Neither Happy Nor Sad Every time you go away… The black hole of loneliness opens up Leaving me sad and incomplete With the sense of emptiness. ~0~ Every time you go away… You take a piece of me with you. You are my other half; The person who makes me whole. ~0~ Every time you … Read more

Fishing in Unknown Waters

Fishing in Unknown Waters

Fishing in Unknown Waters From being a graphic designer To a mentor And then an author. Fishing in unknown waters Today I feel Like a fisherman going out to sea.  * Braving the storms Manoeuvring his boat against the waves. Methodically casting his net. His faith in the lighthouse Is his constant source of strength, … Read more

Runaway Relationships


Runaway Relationships Day slowly passes And sometimes she feels so alone Even with her family at home Pain…blinding pain; it surges Through her body like electricity Crippling her confidence and her beliefs And, reality is unforgiving. * She feels a strange connection towards the words. The alphabets are now her best friends. Making her feel … Read more

Reality or A Magnificent Dream


Reality or A Magnificent Dream Far away from here Across the land, The sea and the sky, Where enchanting rainbows Are not so infrequent A call from the soul, Forestalls my return From the forbidden world. * Lulled by the music of the enchanted song. Calming me. Warming me. Engulfing me. Just as fire dissipates … Read more

An Emptiness That Doesn’t Ever Go Away


An Emptiness That Doesn’t Ever Go Away Each time we talk I can hear the love in your voice Hiding behind your feelings And keeping the truth locked away, But there is so much said In the things that you don’t openly say. The distance fate put between us Is nothing but a test of … Read more

A Seemingly Endless Wait

A Seemingly Endless Wait Pacing to the front door and back Only to peek out of my door To check the streets again minutes later. Looking through the window And watching the street outside. I check for every person that passes Before stalking back into my room. * I welcome distractions and doorbells That sends … Read more