24 Hours, A True Short Story

Short Story

Know your past  Grow in the present  And prepare for the future. That’s what her life As an officer’s wife had taught her. She stood in the kitchen making his favourite food…Sambhar and Dosa, when he entered and headed straight for the bedroom searching for her.  “Madhu..? Where are you he called out,” and then reached the … Read more

Trapped In a Sea Of Hatred

Trapped In a Sea Of Hatred Nuclear warheads; Terror of trenches; The futility of war. Brutality; suffering. Destruction and sadness. Blood flowing, eyes eschew. * As I glance along the path the world travels, It seems so narrow now, But at the time it seemed the only way. I realize; Despite our desires, We are … Read more

Shadows Bend Silently As I Lie Dying


Shadows Bend Silently As I Lie Dying The trees shivering, The skies weeping, The steady thump of falling mortars, Sounds dull to my ears. Shadows bending silently, Towards the spot in which I lie, Tiredness engulfs me, Like the diminishing glow of sunset, Silhouetting the naked trees. Death beckons me. ***** As if in a … Read more