Terribly Tiny Tales: Very Short Stories

Terribly Tiny Tales: Very Short Stories

Remember the time when our grandmothers told us stories or our parents read out stories to us?
Some were long, some were short while some were Terribly Tiny Tales: Very Short Stories.
Everyone likes to read stories and to tell tales.
So here we bring you some Terribly Tiny Tales: Very Short Stories, that won’t take up your time but you’ll enjoy reading them still.


Stalking Shadows

Breathless; she paused,
Looking back for a moment
Her eyes frantically searched for
The shadows that had been stalking her.

A Pregnant Pause

No lines;
No crowds;
None followed him
As he left the room…
A pregnant pause
And a pair of hazel eyes.


In The Light Of an Eclipse

Oh, my darling!
The world watches as your light
Filters through me
In this melted darkness
And in those brief seconds and,
In the stillness of that moment,
After ages, I glowed, at last,
Under the warmth of your affection
We finally became One;
In the light of an eclipse.


Till We Meet Again
Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again

Sun’s Ray’s filtering
Through the Moon is yet
Another proof of the sun-kissed
Moon blushing as it meets its lover
On the fateful day only to part again
Till the next eclipse
Till We Meet Again…

A Tiny Spark

A tiny spark residing in your hungry heart
Whispering softly; opens doors with leaps and bounds
And pretends to be happier than most.

Fury of The Storm

As the dark clouds roll in
And waves crash hard
Onto the sandy beaches
The Storm descends with full fury
And darkness engulfs the night.

primitive Chant

A Prey and The Primitive Chant

You never know when
The beasts in the man awaken
Responding to the primitive chant
Making a prey
Out of the innocent and
Lonely women.