The Caterpillar Woman


There was a line she chose not to cross,
Acceptance or possible ridicule,
Embarrassment or failure,
Somehow she has never cared since high school.

In a world of her own,
In the matrix of her dreams,
She learnt to survive
And swim against the stream.


Endless agonizing introspections,
Thoughts and facts infused in black and white,
Sometimes, a victim of the internalized prison self,
She chose to reignite her dreams and flew high like a kite.


Dancing to a new tune now,
A spirit dance.
Ecstatic. Erotic. Exotic.
She, ushered in a new dawn while taking her chances.


And… The Universe unfolded,
The world saw the transformation,
As her wings unfolded the brilliant colours,
Beyond the stretch of imagination.


Oh..! My caterpillar woman,
No longer restrained and bound,
Transformed during a lifetime of experiences,
In for a penny, in for a pound.


With your resilience,
Mauli, you finally made a difference.


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