World: A Living Circus Of Today

A Living Circus

World: A Living Circus Of Today

The world is a living circus today
Companies full of acrobats
Juggling work and responsibilities
Clowns, being manipulative
Trying to please the head honcho

Each individual, an entertainer
Giving live performances,
To please others, dancing to their tunes
Being kicked around like a football
Adding chaos to our grey worlds

Walking a tightrope between reality
And aspirations
Each to himself
Standing alone entrapped in the circus
Defending the whispers, “Look at the clown”

Welcome to the circus of dreams,
Lust, desires, greed and ambitions
Trained animals, human forms and clever disguises
Only the ringmaster changes
Someone at receiving end or someone lashing out, immutable it is…!!

Four and half decades down
The world stands naked before me
A silent audience and mute spectator
One thing I know for sure now…
It’s not my circus and they, are not my monkeys.


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