The Extraordinary Is Yet To Happen

Unwise though but she was lovingly inclined;
A family; she already had one to care for
Then may I say that she was blind;
Once bitten twice shy, I asked her the reason why?
This wasn’t a passing fancy I knew that for sure
She might do worse, I told her so;
She was a fool to answer “No”.
Scorched by the fierce want in her eyes, I knew
This is not the end…
The extraordinary is yet to happen.

However, things are as they stood
The fate that brought them together chose to do a U-turn
Miles apart they were thrown yet were so close in distance too,
A perfect love story I wondered as I went for a closer look
He kept busy and she would wait to go on a date…
With all honesty, she’d wait for another sunrise.
“Keep yourself busy,” he would oft tell her.
Without a doubt, she listened to him and yet again I knew
This is not the end…
The extraordinary is yet to happen.

This is not the end…The extraordinary is yet to happen.
She met you and you became her favourite person
She took chances and wore her heart on the sleeves
It was an ordinary day, yet another date on the calendar but it turned her life around
She felt the blood course through her veins,
And by God! She felt herself blush.
From the ordinary; an extraordinary relationship was born.
“It’s different,” she always said
And she knew for sure
This is not the end…
The extraordinary is yet to happen.

Keeping her muse in her heart and soul
She sought out destinations she had never been before
She kept herself busy like hell for she had learnt
That anything less than extraordinary was mundane.
As the thumbprints of pain were erased from her mind
His insecurities developed and turned simplicities into complexities
As much as she tried to reassure his mind kept reeling
With thoughts, sometimes obscure.
Wait…This is not the end…
The extraordinary is yet to happen.

As he continued to build a wall of insecurities
Her patience weakened and feelings got tumbled and tossed
“Didn’t I wait for your audience all these years,” she wanted to scream and ask.
Caught in between her love and his insecurities
Dumbfounded; scared to say another word,
She learnt her lesson swiftly,
“Maybe he wanted to go and all this was just an excuse”
I knew danger stalked when she took nonsensical thoughts into cognisance
This is not the end…
The extraordinary is yet to happen.

His constant allegations: a kryptonite—weakened her self-esteem by each passing day.
And this sandwiched in between allegations and insecurities…
She went Quiet.
Quiet as in Q.U.I.E.T to date
“It’s difficult trying to see sensibility when insecurities constantly take over,” she said.
She sometimes wondered if every spoken word of his
In black and white was prepared and practisedSomeone somewhere correctly said
It’s easier for ordinary people to find each other. 
For extraordinary people, it’s much harder.

From ordinary to extraordinary
They met.
They loved.
They separated.
“This is not the end…
The extraordinary is yet to happen” Mauli, had always said.
I sit here and wonder today
Is this the end…?
Or the extraordinary is yet to happen!

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