The Last Candle

The Last Candle

You light up my darkness
With your luminescent soul.

As you melt away
My dreams get the illumination just right.

I see you there burning,
Incandescently; as you weep silently.

For a moment for an eternity,
I watch you bleed wax and white smoke.

With nothing but darkness up and round
The wax hardens leaving a warm spot full of scented memories.

The darkness chokes you with all its might
Yet you still endure.

Warm and soothing; dispelling the darkness
But dangerous; when left unattended.

A flame burns…
Blow out the candle! Let it go they say!

They watch the smoke dance up in the air,
As the flames leave with a simple dance.

The last candle; glowing bright,
A silent denouement; flames no more.

The hardened wax; only remembrance of remnants of life
Still, nothing can weigh you down.

As I watch your little flame dance, I realise
All the darkness in the world can’t put out a candle’s light.


11 thoughts on “The Last Candle”

    • Thank you so much… 😊🙏… but remember that the light of the candle is hope. the candle fights darkness… we all have to light that candle within us… no one will do it for us… they’ll only try to shut it down…


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