The Third Versatile Blogger Award



I’m feeling quite honoured and humbled for this is the third time I have got “The Versatile Blogger Award”, and this time I want to thank Sasha, for this. Do take time and visit her blog which has amazing inspirational writings which I’m sure you would love to read and appreciate. A positive blog that spreads positivity is always a good read.

Thank you,Sasha 

Award rules:

  • Thanks for the person who nominated you.

  • Share the award in your blog.

  • Share seven random facts about yourself.

  • Tag 15 fellow bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.


Seven random facts about me:

 I’m a nature lover and love to be as near to nature as I can be. I don’t enjoy living in big cities and metropolitans but love to be in a sleepy hamlet which has greenery around and no pollution. Not a social butterfly I can be a recluse by choice and enjoy it to the hilt.

I’m an ardent animal lover. I have three dogs of which the youngest one is a rescued dog. My house is a shelter for all injured animals/birds ranging from a bat, an owl or a parrot to a dog/cat.  If any animal is in pain it has the right to be rescued, treated and put up for adoption…I work by this mantra. Stray or pedigree makes no difference to me.

 An honest person in my dealings, I call a spade a spade. Have zero tolerance for hypocrisy and hypocrite people.

 I normally avoid judging anyone as I don’t know what all problems they are facing… and would like the same from others. Accept don’t judge is also my mantra. If you can’t accept walk away no one can bind you to a relationship if you don’t want one.

 I plan to work with animal NGOs after our retirement. I’m more comfortable in the company of animals than I am with humans. With animals, you don’t judge. You don’t pretend. But with humans, you are doing both or being targeted. Either way, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

 I’m a foodie and just love to eat and taste whatever I can….except snakes, insects, and dogs. I’m a mocatarian (mocka in Hindi, means opportunity). Usually, I prefer vegetarian food but enjoy non-veg in snacks. For me, fish is not included in non-veg.

 My thumb rule, One…I don’t finger people. Two…if anyone dares to fingers me I break that finger. Simple as that. My priorities in life are very clear and if anyone is not on that list then too sad…you just have to work harder to get into that list.


 There are many other blogs that I love to read other than these. I’m trying to avoid a repeat nomination and introduce new bloggers into the circle.

So here are my nominations for the award


Aashi Kulshreshtra




Aastha Gangwar

Kumar harsh


Nezel Yurong

The Grateful Dead



Gbolabo Adetunji

Sanjay Ronghe

Advo. R.R.’SAGAR’



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