The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again

The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again

The sounds of silence
Has weird ways
Of making itself heard.

A few tears
Pain; that is
Impossible to explain
An unyielding foe
Skates across reality and
Sounds of silence speak again.

Fears mock me when I’m scared
Rhythmic sound of breaths
Reassuring that I’m alive
Hollow sounds of heavy rains
Splashing around
The sounds of silence take over
As worldly screams lie forgotten.

On the ethereal road of love
Heart blooms
Like a wildflower
And commotion all around
Is but a whisper
And sounds of silence
Timelessly still.

Living in a loud world
So full of chaos
When did you last hear?
The crickets singing
Bees buzzing and flowers swishing
Guilty as charged, I stand
Oblivious to the sounds of silence.

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