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“The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who inspire and bring some sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.”

I’m feeling quite honoured and humbled for this is the second time I have got “The Sunshine Blogger Award”, and this time I want to thank Sasha, for this. Do take time and visit her blog which has amazing inspirational writings which I’m sure you would love to read and appreciate. A positive blog that spreads positivity is always a good read.



Thank the person who nominated you.
Answer the Questions asked.
Nominate 10-15 bloggers, preferably new, to help them get into the mainstream of blogging and grow.
Prepare your own set of questions as per your choice.
Inform the nominees by leaving a message and link on their site.


Here are my answers to Sasha’s questions:

1.If you get a chance to leave someone out of your life, who it would be?

I would obliterate ALL those who can’t stand by my side in times of need. Friends or family…it doesn’t matter.

2.How do you Express your passion for blogging?

Oh, this is the best thing that has happened to me. I can connect with so many people through my poems.

3.What is your favourite past time and why?

My favourite pass time is driving. If streets weren’t so crowded if petrol wasn’t so expensive and if I lived in the countryside that’s what I would do…

4.What is your opinion on love and marriage?

Love and marriage are two different things. You don’t always marry the person you love and some fall out of love after marriage. The thing is to fall in love with the same idiot every day knowing his shortcomings and strengths….that is love. Marriage without adjustments is no marriage at all. Marriage is like a car. You can’t have two different pairs of wheels (one of a truck and the other of a sedan )at the back and in front. Both the pairs have to be of the same make thus supporting each other.

5.What was the last thing you did something new for the first time?

I published my book “Mann Ki Aarzoo”. And believe me, writing and publishing is easier than making it sell.

6.What is your idea of having fun and with whom?

My idea is to be with my friends with whom I need not worry what I wear, what I say.

7.What is the biggest dream in your life which you know that it won’t happen or you won’t achieve?

My biggest dream is to have loads and loads of money…and a BIG farmhouse. Where I can keep all the destitute animals who are left to die on the streets. I try to do my bit with whatever I have…but I am unable to reach them all.

8.If you come to know that, you are going to die tomorrow, what you would do today?

I’ll go out watch a movie, all dressed to kill. Have my favourite food and sleep like a baby. Death doesn’t scare me…it’s the life that does.

9.How you got the idea or thought of blogging, how did it started and when?

I hit out at the idea after I released my first book. It started at a humble level…. And now I have a variety of good blogs to read that I really enjoy.

10.Do you believe in soul mates and if yes why?

I do believe in soul mates. They very much exist and I can easily speak to them without words. Words are not needed to communicate. The vibes and the expressions in the eyes are enough to talk.


Here are some of the lovely bloggers with amazing writings.

So my nominations are:

Sayanti aka Shine


A Mislead Writer


Mystic raghaas’s blog

A Thought, A Word And An Eternal Bliss!

Kumar harsh

Nezel Yurong

The Grateful Dead



Gbolabo Adetunji

Sanjay Ronghe




My questions for nominees:

  1. What is your favourite book/novel and why? 
  2. Which is your favourite sport and why?
  3. Do you believe in forgive and forget? Why/why not?
  4. What would you change in your life if you could? 
  5. What is your passion in life?
  6. Where do you feel at peace with yourself?
  7. If you were a millionaire, how would you spend your money?
  8. What responsibility do you as a citizen of your country have towards the defence forces of your country? Do you think you are actually doing your bit in supporting them? How?
  9. What is your take on politics and religion?
  10. Do you believe in God? Why?


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