There Is a ‘Kid’ In Everyone: Prosetry


Me a kid to have enjoyed this.
There is a ‘kid’ in everyone.
But now all we have is
Forgotten dreams.

You play a son, a father, a husband
Shielding and protecting your family from the world
You conquered your fears and braved all odds
You are meant to fly higher
Higher than even what you dreamt.
Every step that you take now
Leaves a footprint for your kids to follow.
You chose to fulfil everyone’s dreams
And let go of yours.

I play a daughter, a mother, a wife.
Nurturing my family, creating a perfect world for them
I cope with all their fears between childhood and adulthood
From pulling things out from baby fingers
That grasp everything. Cleaning the crawling worms
In the vegetables and organising family dinners too,
Reading bedtime stories of fire breathing dragons
Till all those who were once awake now fall into deep slumber.
I chose to fulfil everyone’s dreams
And let go of mine.

Jumping on the shadows and in and out of puddles
Building castles in the sand
Playing hide and seek. Sitting on a swing
Swinging higher and higher as if to touch the sky
Enjoying on a seesaw and getting up suddenly
To topple the other. Those moments are now immortalised.
Childhood memories lingered forever
But the ‘kid’ in you and the ‘kid’ in me
Was slowly forgotten as the years grew old.
Like waves of seas, nostalgia often washes over me now
Rocking me back to the shores of reality with a jolt.

The world holds out pain and pleasure; both on a platter
To seek fun is our own prerogative now
I look in the mirror at times at times
Searching for those eyes that held a naughty sparkle
And were always filled with wonderment.
Our childhood may have been ephemeral
But reigns supreme in our memories even today
A familiar tune of yester years is all it takes
To push open the floodgates of our memories once again.

You a kid.
Me a kid to have enjoyed this.
There is a ‘kid’ in everyone.
But now all we have is
Forgotten dreams.

For details on “Prosetry” read I & Life Fight; Peacefully by theshivasponder


6 thoughts on “There Is a ‘Kid’ In Everyone: Prosetry”

  1. I found the poem sweet, but a bit tragic. How they both let go of their dreams to help (their children?) others achieve their dreams.

    • its not something new…. 99% houses in India have this problem…. its always been family, parents and kids first and self second… many pursue their dreams later… in life as the kids are settled… some just give up, while some don’t….

  2. My mother put her dream of going to college aside and worked two jobs. I’ve always seen it as bittersweet. She loves us and did what she must, but it was her own expense. Your poem really captured that emotion:)

    • Thank you…. mother’s are like that. My mother left her secure job as a doctor in army to bring up the two of us. Then continued in civil. I let go of my dreams of being a writer and a graphic designer to be with my kids. Then followed the other passion- teaching to be with them. Then left again as they were facing board exams to take care of them. Now that they are going in for graduation I have picked up my dreams once again.


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