To The Night’s Dark Seduction

To The Night's Dark Seduction

To The Night’s Dark Seduction

A ripple; 
A downpour,
Vibrant waters,
Of love and ecstasy,
Every drop an elixir,
Urging. Coaxing. Inviting
To take a plunge.

Drenched with vibrancy,
Ablution of negativity,
And distrust,
You, holding my hand
And me,
Holding my breath,
Uncertain. Unknowing.

Taking a deep breath,
Under the water,
There’s another world,
Swimming onwards,
Drifting closer, closer,
In the ocean,
And into the open waters,
Still and calm as a pond,
Strong and harsh as a storm,
I flow,
with the beats of the night’s dark seduction.

Between the tears of sorrows of the time wasted,
And joy, of having surrendered,
I flow between every emotion,
Wrapping myself among the most cherished of memories.
Finally, finally.


2 thoughts on “To The Night’s Dark Seduction”

  1. Your choice of words is so perfect to express the feeling within…. it seems you are watching a classic work of art in reality…… hats off to you.


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