Touch A Heart: Heal The Wounds


Touch A Heart

A blank canvas
Now full of different strokes
Life painted in different hues
Yet a colourless soul
Unceasing pain
A torn shirt
Playing by the unknown rulebook of life,
She could see the sunset
Will it ever rise up again…?


All safe havens were lost
There was no comfort
Crisp cold air; dark night skies
Black clouds; The moon, gone
The stars, unseen
There were no warm arms to hold her
Despair. Destitute.
Her only friends
No one to share her suffering
A flower wilts, weeps, and  chokes
She was truly alone.
A child of the lesser God.


Clouds separate,
Darkness dispelled…
Khushi* intervenes.
Warm sunlight bathes her body,
Things are finally looking up.
From beggars and rag choosers
To be held in a delicate embrace
Healing the wounds
For the sacred: My friend,
Does not dwell
In churches, temples, mosques or synagogues
It dwells within us
In our hearts.

Khushi(ख़ुशी)- means happiness in the Hindi language
Here “Khushi” is a  home for destitute girls. An initiative for educational facilities for street children coming from broken homes, beggars or addict parents. 

KHUSHI is a project of INNER WHEEL CLUB of Delhi Greater Kailash.

INNER WHEEL CLUB of Delhi, Greater Kailash, has dedicated itself to work for the destitute. They are brought to this NGO. INNER WHEEL is the ladies arm of Rotary. it consists of 64 clubs in Delhi, Rohtak, Gurgaon, NOIDA etc. It is the largest women’s voluntary organisation across 103 countries in the world. Communion and interactions bring hearts closer and distance shorter.

“Personal service is a top priority. We help schools for underprivileged, old age homes, anti-drugs, HIV positive amongst others. That is why I am reaching out to you…!!”

Mrs Neena Vasudeva
Inner Wheel of Delhi
Greater Kailash
District 301


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