My Tryst With Visions


My Tryst With Visions

My Tryst With Visions

Woke up today morning,
Drenched and sore,
Did I just have visions,
That shook me to the core?
This isn’t the first,
And definitely not the last,
My father’s calling,
His voice choking,
I’m replying,
But he doesn’t seem to hear…
A reflection of him,
In the setting sun,
Trying to brush off this creepy feel,
But it’s easier said than done,
Catch the first train home,
Is the calling of chromosomes?
Prophetic or apocalyptic,
Or maybe the wrong end of the stick,
My tryst with visions…
This isn’t the first,
And definitely not the last.


Each one of us has dreams and visions at night.
Some may come true some may not. Some may be pleasant while some visions may be disturbing taking a shape of a nightmare.
I get visions at night, though speaking on a personal level I’m better off without them.
Sometimes they leave me perplexed and drained.
I’m sure each one of you has had visions at some point in your life.
I would love to read your experiences in the comments section.

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