I Shall Be Waiting For You


Waiting For You

Since the day you’ve gone
There is a slump in our lives
Your belongings that used to be strewn around the room
Are now all relaxing; stacked neatly in the cupboard
Your table sits abandoned; gathering dust
Once cluttered and dirty,
It now sits cleanly at one corner of the room.

There is a lot I need to do and think about too
The pressure of disappointment
Sometimes stings more than one can tolerate
Many moons, have passed since you’ve been gone
Though I am unable to see you now,
I am now dependent on technology to fill this void
The words that escape my lips today
Shall turn to dust tomorrow.

I recollect your tardy approach to keep your room tidy
As the dust on your bookshelf used to remain untouched.
When the golden sunset’s glow
Used to slant in through your windows,
And your studies would finish before my lecture would be told
Rusted metal, broken ankles, deflated footballs and basketballs
There are so many truths still untold.

Your past is now mine while the present and future are both yours
Morning coffee on a lazy Sunday morning shall wait for you
Storytelling sessions of your childhood shall wait for you
The dust on your belongings shall wait for you
Some old memories with moistened eyes shall wait for you
Your gadgets and the remotes that you fought for shall wait for you
I taught you how to walk and climb and now even I shall wait for you.

Waiting for you to come back
And fill the empty spaces
The empty days of the week
And liven up the room
Filled with your memories
Which now gathers dust
And even now as I say this I wait for you.

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12 thoughts on “I Shall Be Waiting For You”

  1. Lingering longings, quest for the lost love, pangs of separation, nostalgia…grips the mind with poignancy and the intensity of emotions.. There are conflicts never resolved, there are bonds all encompassing, there are relationships beyond definition but they be the essence of life at times…

  2. Being a mom is a Divine feeling..u make them learn, u love them more, they are our smiles a reason to survive.. when they are around we argue and fight, and when out of sight it’s a void that no one can suffice.

    Beautifully written Di


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