Walls and Fences

Walls and Fences

Walls and Fences

Isolate; segregate,
Seal; close,
Some people build fences 
To keep people out…
While other people build fences 
To keep people in,
Each wanting to hold on to all that he can.

Guarding; protecting;
Or maybe preventing control; access or escape.
Some use wood or wire,
Some railings or concrete,
Some people use attitude or prefer silence,
All the while seeking forgiveness and peace.

Racism; Fanaticism; are
Barriers separating us from friends and families.
Looking through the cracks,
We see only the branches,
Step aside a little, the trees are beautiful too,
Radiating from the heartfelt warmth within.

Times are changing,
No time to play dead.
Bring down those fences, take down those walls,
And walk wherever you choose,
Stroll on through; Fenceless.
It’s a good way to begin again.

A Note To All

So much has been said about Walls and Fences that surround us.

Walls and Fences that we build around us in relationships as we lock the doors of our hearts to the world.

Walls and Fences that separate the nations and it’s people from mingling with each other.

Walls and Fences that comes in our way and inflates our ego not allowing us to compromise.


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