Welcome To My Blog


A place where My heart resides
Where I am the boss
And The Seductress.
A place where I can be a child
Be my own self.
A  place that is not just a building
But where My emotions
And memories reside.
A place where there is No room
For hate and neglect.
A place where Love bursts forth
Like contagious laughter.
A place where my heart and mind
Are at Peace.
My home;
Is where I Belong.

Ranjeeta N Ghai


If you have made it till here then please rest a while and proceed further. Here on my page, you’ll find no politics and no caste or race-related material. If you are interested in that then you are at the wrong place.

If you can handle a little truth, philosophies, and realities of life, loads of love romance and emotions then my friend you are the right place carry on….

A small guided tour so that you don’t get lost. Now that is something I wouldn’t want… I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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