Wistful Dinjan…

Wistful Dinjan

Wistful Dinjan

Misty mornings,
Serene and tranquil,
Sprawling tea estates.
Precipitous and sunny,
A small sleepy hamlet,
Godhuli*…and the sun is down,
Enveloping darkness,
And lo…!!
I see her shadows dance by moonlight,
A devilish smile burning bright,
Far from the world’s hue and cry,
And naughtiest glitter in her eye.
Her raven hair,
Flowing wild and curly
Splashed with the colour of sunset,
Her soul wandering listlessly,
Amongst the distant rumblings,
Longingly she looks back…
Its easier said than done,
Oh Mauli, come fly away
Dinjan, you’ll carry in your heart forever

(25th September 2015)

* Godhuli:- approximately 4 pm in Assamese


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